The impact of positive water treatment on your mind and body

The jacuzzi spa is a very popular relaxation area: at home, it allows you to offer a personalized massage session at home with different ergonomics of place according to your desires and power and massage types adjustable to wish.

Relieve stress with a Spa session

This is particularly important in a society where everything is going fast. The Spa offers us a necessary break, away from daily worries: a warm and soothing water envelops you and brings you calm. Close your eyes, breathe deeply, and feel your tension go away. To make the most of your spa, add a few drops of aromatherapy essence to release the respiratory tract and revive you. Contemporary aromatherapy has its roots in ancient times, where aromatic herbs were used as beauty products, medicines, perfumes and incense.

The use of aromas for spas

When inhaled, these scents penetrate to the very depths of our being and the active principles they contain act directly on our body and mind. Daily, they are appreciated for their beneficial virtues, antiseptics and cosmetics with a relaxing and anti-stress power. The feeling of well-being that a spa provides is multiplied and relaxation is immediate.

Beauty treatments by the Spa

The bath causes your body to lose water, resulting in weight loss through lymphatic drainage. Only a regular exercise program and a balanced diet can help you lose weight in a sustainable way. The spa can nevertheless be a wonderful moment of relaxation after a physical training. It also helps eliminate toxins, so for people with weight gain through non-elimination of toxins an effect on weight gain can be seen. The baths also have the effect of opening the pores of the skin and thus evacuate part of the waste of the body. This detoxification translates into a general well-being.

Thus, the treatment with hot water mainly helps to promote the supply of oxygen and nutrients and to evacuate toxins. It allows mental relaxation by improving concentration. Finally, it relieves high arterial tension, migraines and chronic pain due to stress.

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