The reasons for the success of jacuzzi bathubs

Who wouldn't want a massage and a nice hot bath when they come home after a hard day's work? Now more accessible, whirlpool bathtubs are even sold in DIY superstores, often at rather competitive prices. We can find models for less than 1000 euros, but the prices can climb up to almost 10 times more for the most luxurious specimens. In addition, apart from the connection of the pump and some waterproofing protections, they are installed as easily as a conventional jacuzzi bathtub. But the main reason for their success remains the impressive list of benefits of balneotherapy. Hydromassage jets of fresh water that have in turn soothing and relaxing or, on the contrary, stimulating and toning virtues. Relief of back pain and neck pain as well as asthma and headaches, drainage, skin softening and pore enlargement, the benefits of a soft water massage are legion. On a daily basis, it is above all an effective way to combat the stress which is attracting more and more individuals today.


Massages in a jacuzzi bathtub

At the heart of a spa bath, there are its hydromassage jets (or nozzles), the number and arrangement of which will determine the quality of the massage. The more numerous and powerful they are, the greater the effectiveness of the massage. From one model to another, these jets only diffuse air or air mixed with pressurized water for an impact on the body with different virtues. Softer, a system using just air provides a relaxing massage. Its bubbles, created by a blower (bowler) propagate from the bottom of the tub for a feeling of absolute relaxation. Much more invigorating, a system mixing air and water allows a more invigorating massage with energizing virtues. A pump sucks in the bath water to mix it with hot air, before propelling it to side nozzles which then provide a global and stimulating massage. Finally, there are mixed models that combine air jets at the bottom of the bathtub with side water jets. They allow you to alternately enjoy the benefits of each system or even to enjoy a full hydromassage from time to time.


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