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The installation of a jacuzzi spa at home

Installing a Jacuzzi spa at home requires a certain budget, but also a little common sense to choose a location. Before any cracking, you will also need to compare the offers, make several requests for quotes, and especially define your needs: to relax after a day of work, a Jacuzzi will do the trick, but if you want to swim and play sports in the water, it will instead opt for a swim spa. Discover our tips and practical ideas for installing your spa at home.

Budgeting elements to take into account before installing a Jacuzzi at home

From the low cost inflatable Jacuzzi at 500 € to the luxury Jacuzzi at 50,000 € there is a whole range of choices and prices. Some so-called "swim" Jacuzzis even allow you to take a dip in your hot tub. In all cases, you will have to choose between a Jacuzzi to ask - or portable Jacuzzi - and a built-in hot tub (buried or semi-buried). If the built-in Jacuzzi is to be installed permanently, its installation requires earthworks and heavier development. These interventions performed by professionals are not without impact on the price of the built-in Jacuzzi. More expensive than a so-called "above-ground" Jacuzzi, the built-in Jacuzzi is also more aesthetic and most often made to measure.

Apart from laying, it is the dimensions of the Jacuzzi (2/3 seats, 4/5 places, 6/7 places ...), the materials used (wood, stone, concrete, synthetic ...) and the different options (air nozzles, hydrojets, Aerojet, power massage, lighting, aromatherapy) that determine the price of ajacuzzi spa. The maintenance of the Jacuzzi obviously has a cost that should not be neglected in the forecast of your purchase. Cover your Jacuzzi when you are not using it, treat the water in your Jacuzzi (and renew it) on a regular basis, clean the tank, check the quality of the water (pH, hardness) are all parameters to which it is appropriate to think before getting equipped but also once equipped. Your Jacuzzi takes care of you, you must do the same

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