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Take the plunge with a jacuzzi

Do you want to invest into a jacuzzi but you are still hesitating ? Do you need help for guiding you through your purchase ? We put our skill at your disposal to help you making the best investment possible. Follow our advices and you certainly won't regret to have taken the plunge !

How to choose your jacuzzi

Your jacuzzi has to be chosen according to the use you intend to do with : will it be placed outside, on a patio or a garden ? Or inside in your bathroom ? Will you use it everyday, or sometimes only ? So much questions you have to ask yourself before taking the plunge. You also have to think about the size of your jacuzzi : if you foresee a regular use by several persons, you should turn towards a big design. Whereas if you do not intend to share it, you could choose a smallest jacuzzi.

How to maintain your jacuzzi

You have to maintain regularly your jacuzzi, and especially take a good care of the cleanliness of the water. You should renew it at least three times a year, and make a complete pipework draining at least once a year to prevent unwanted limestone sediments which could trouble the proper punctioning of the jacuzzi. Moreover you should use a specific product to regulate the acidity of the water. This way, you will guarantee the longest life expectation possible to your jacuzzi !

Our range of jacuzzi

We propose you several kinds of jacuzi : outdoor, indoor, for two or for eight persons, adjustable intensity... You will be able to make your choise among 94 colours, to ensure a perfect integration in the environment. And because we perfectly know that jacuzzis are not always affordables, we thought about every fund ! We have a wide range of jacuzzis available, remains to find yours ! Come to visit our website to discover our range of jacuzzi tubs for sale

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